Lake Como

The Lake Como area of Italy is truly a dream on Earth. It is also referred to as  Lario and is divided into three branches of almost equal length (Como, Colico and Lecco). It's location is truly striking in a mountain landscape and its shores dotted with picturesque villages, luxurious villas and parks. The whole area has a gentle and temperate ...almost perfect climate.

Como was founded by the Romans in 196 B.C., and the history is rich There are many artistic sites to see in the town. Among them are the Church of Sant'Abbondio of the 11th century, and the Basilica of San Fedele. The heart of the old town is the Piazza del Duomo with its Renaissance Cathedral (Duomo), one of the most beautiful churches in Lombardy. The attractive walk along Lungo Lario takes the visitor to the Tempio Voltiano, where the mementos and relics of Alessandro Volta (1745-1827), the inventor of the battery, are conserved.

The enchanting Bellagio rises up jewel-like on the end of the promontory which divides the two southern branches of Lake Como. The historical center of the town is fascinating, with its narrow alleys and their arches, ancient patrician villas and luxurious hotels.

Lezzeno is not far from Bellagio and from here the Grotto of the "Bulberi" can be visited by boat. At Nesso there is a spectacular waterfall which falls into a "ravine" ("orrido").
Passing through Careno, with its 12th century Church of San Martino, the visitor arrives at Torno where is of great interest the Villa Pliniana with its curious intermittent waterfall which has been known since ancient times.

Lecco, in an attractive mountainous landscape setting, is at the end of the south eastern branch of Lake Como. There is a Town museum and the Villa Manzoni, where the writer Alessandro Manzoni stayed. His most famous novel "The Betrothed' was set in this area. Between Lecco and Bellagio there is a series of mountain holiday resorts such as Vaibrona, Asso, Ghisallo and Civenna, almost overhanging the lake. In the Valsassina there are numerous health resorts and it is a location for summer holidays as well as winter sports.

The Lake Como area is one of the most naturally beautiful areas in the entire world. A wonderful place to rent a villa and vacation in a dream world.   

The Italian government has implemented a Visitor's Tax of approximately 1.50 Euros per person per day and applies to all overnight stays for the first seven days in the destination. This tax is payable to the local property manager.

Images courtesy of IC Bellagio

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